Get a VPiX® Tour and Save 50% for the Month of October Exclusive for Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce Members

Our virtual tours October promotion is available for all business types located in Colorado Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, and Larkspur Colorado until October 31, 2021

VPiX provides on-site 360° photographic and video services to businesses from coast-to-coast and around the world in 17 countries. If your business is looking to significantly turbo-charge your company sales, or save a pile of cash with a 360° Digital Asset Management system then VPiX can help.


  • 100% customizable: Add embedded hotspots, zoom and pan, add links, add HD photos, embed video, informational cards, and more
  • Create one hosted virtual tour (not multiple virtual tours for one property) for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Advanced syndication with, PPAR, Zillow, and Trulia


  • You maintain ownership of your virtual tours to reuse or download at anytime
  • Embed your custom virtual tour on any website, and share on social media marketing platforms
  • Affordable 360 camera starter kits designed for any amateur or experienced photographer


  • White label options available for your VPiX® Tour
  • Create a 360 3D environment for any property including homes, rentals, apartments, retail space, and more
  • Easy learning curve, fast to implement, and simple to create your virtual tours

Elevate your real estate marketing now with VPiX®. Contact us to learn more and take advantage of our October promo discount.

Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce Members Save 50% Off VPiX® for our October 2021 Promo
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James Corstorphine, VP of Sales
I help automobile dealers turbo-charge their online car sales.
Ken Rozin
Formerly the Business Development manager at Lyft, San Francisco.
Bart Wilson, MotorStreet Founder & CMO
A former director at Eastman Kodak, Bart helps car dealers develop great 360° customer experiences.

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