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CASE STUDY: Burger King VR

Step Inside the Franchise...

In south Florida, Burger King designed and built a new kind of restaurant with a more friendly feeling. VPiX created the 360° walk-through experience and we created a customized Samsung Gear VR 360° app.

The agency used the headsets at a trade show in September 2015. Prospects interested in buying a BK franchise could “step into the new Burger King restaurant” powered by VPiX.

Want to make your sales sizzle? Let’s talk about adding VR to your mix of on-line sales tools.

NEW: The VPiX VR Cloud Server
The First “Drag & Drop” VR Headset Cloud Tools!

The VPiX VR Cloud Server lets anyone create VR content for the most popular VR headsets out there. The best news is you won’t have to learn how to program anything. With VPiX VR server, you simply drag, drop, save and open your VPiX RealVR weblink on your iPhone or Android device (including the new Google Pixel smartphone) and pop it into your favorite VR headset.

For more information and a demo, please click here to contact us.

Oculus VR

Bobo VR

Google Cardboard

Google Daydream

Apple VR Headset

VR Speeds Up $ales

Creative 360° Ideas from VPiX

With more than 16 years in the Virtual Reality business, no one is more qualified to help your company than VPiX. If your company is looking to add VR to help you increase sales, VPiX can help.

VPiX partnered with Rackspace and we are an HP OEM for the HP Sprout touch-screen kiosk, 3D printers and a lot more hardware that can help your company take advantage of VR media. Want to learn more? Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

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