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Why Open a VPiX Office?

How about $200 Billion reasons

The VR market is red hot and exploding with job opportunities everywhere. Recent reports published by Digi-Capital and Goldman Sachs tell us the VR space may surpass the $200 Billion mark by 2020.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have the potential to become the next big computing platform… we believe VR/AR has the potential to spawn a multibillion-dollar industry.

— Goldman Sachs

VPiX has done some amazing things. In 2011, we designed and delivered the first 360 cloud. The VPiX cloud literally removed the technology barriers for creating rich and compelling AR and VR scenes.

Today, every facet of our business and personal life is touched by computer vision. VPiX has developed a proprietary 360° cloud platform that lets anyone create AR / VR content without requiring any programming skills.

For hotels, VPiX provides a visual, 360 tools platform that puts more heads in beds. We help automobile dealers showcase their used car inventory and turbo-charge their sales. We create and mail out thousands of VR headsets with QR codes which compel customers to experience VR in new ways.

VPiX makes it possible for you to get started owning and operating your own VR shop. You can start at the entry level and trade up anytime as your business grows.

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Just a few of the many brands that need VPiX to help them reach, educate, entertain and inform their customers.

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If you’re looking for a fun and affordable business in the booming VR market… we cordially invite you to step inside and learn more about opening a VPiX office of your own.