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Matterport vs. VPiX

Matterport is a good 3D camera system. But it's not fast. We own two of them. We have the original $5,000 model and the $3,000 model. The last time we remember getting a call for a Matterport tour was October, 2017.

Matterport is slow. The time to capture an average home under 3,900 sq ft takes 5 to 5.5 hours. Then you have to wait a day or several days longer to get your 3D data turned into a Matterport 3D dollhouse and the finished tour.

With a DSLR Camera and a 360 rotator, it takes under 1 hour to capture 7 bracketed panoramas and 35 still HD photos for your MLS. With Matterport, you can get the 3D tour, but you still have to shoot 25 - 35 still photos for the MLS. It's a requirement if you're a REALTOR.

Matterport charges $14 for every floor plan + $49 per listing. With the Magic Plan APP on your iPad or Android tablet, you can measure and produce all the floor plans you want for just $9.99 a month. Each room will take less than 5 minutes. Matterport takes a lot longer.

With Occipital's 3D Structure Sensor, you can make 3D floor plan doll houses with very little effort. With Sketchup for Mac or PC, you can edit the 3D floor plans for free. If you're pressed for time, you can get them done for you when you press the Scan to Canvas app on your iPad. Once you have the 3D floor plan, you pop them into your VPiX tours and add hot spots to navigate to the views you want.

Matterport is closed. VPiX is open. Which means you can't edit your Matterport tours in real time with your own on-line web tools. Matterport tour data cannot be edited by the end user. Which means you cannot add custom buttons to a SHOWING appointment. You can't add your showing time appointment buttons, you can't add your logo on the NADIR and you can't export the 360 listing tour and give it to your listing when the home sells.

VPiX isn't a camera company. We're a VR software company.

With VPiX -- you can use any DSLR camera. Including the Ricoh Theta S, the Insta360 One, the Rylo, or dozens of other 360 cameras that cost hudreds of dollars less than Matterport.

Highlights of VPiX 360°

  • Works with Canon or Nikon DSLR
  • Works with Ricoh Theta S
  • Works with Insta360 One or Pro
  • Google DayDream VR / Cardboard Compatible
  • Supports Multiple Floor Plans
  • IDX Compliant
  • Create 360’s in minutes. Not days.
  • No programming skills needed.
  • Hip Pocket Listing Module
  • Export finished listings (VPiX 2 GO)
  • iPhone, iPad, Android & Tablet Ready
  • Get FEE-Free leads. Learn how.
Matterport vs. VPiX 360°
VPiX Cloud for Real Estate 360° VR Listings
Real estate-friendly 360° content creation tools
2D Floor Plan Support
3D Floor Plan Support
Tours with Multiple Floor Plans
Cost per Floor Plan
$20 each
$0 each
Time to Get Floor Plan Done
3 - 7 Days
Same day
Time on site to capture 7 panoramas
5+ hrs
1 hour
Time on site to capture a 2D floor plan
3 minutes per room
Captures HD Photos
Captures HD Video
Rackspace 100% Network Uptime Guarantee*
Nightly Backups + 3-Week Snapshots
Step-by-step Training with VPiX Account Manager
VR Headset (iPhone/Android) with Purchase
Showcase Listings 360° Link /
Facebook-Friendly. Just copy + paste URL.
VPiX 2 Go Export for Offline Viewing
Password-protected tours for Hip Pocket Listings
Ongoing Training / Technical Support / Upgrades
Listed on VPiX-Certified REALTOR Directory
FEE-free leads from local listings, FSBO’s
Monthly REALTOR Technology Training Webinars
White Label Option Available

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