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Owning and running a VPiX turnkey operation is fun and profitable. In 2010 when Apple announced the first generation iPad, VPiX announced the first HTML5 virtual tour to run on it. Five years later, VPiX has become the #1 virtual tour platform used and loved by some of the biggest brands in hospitality, real estate, vacation rental, automotive and law enforcement.

Why VPiX? $200 Billion Reasons

By 2020, the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) market will be a $200 Billion dollar business.* VPiX was the first to market a cloud-based 360° content creation platform. The entire planet is moving toward cloud-based software. VPiX 360° is intuitive, easy to use and requires no programming skills. Finally, anyone can now create rich and compelling content that lets your customers and prospects "Step Inside the Picture."

We never stop improving our 360 platform tools. VPiX 4 is just around the corner and will soon will be available in a variety of APPs. Our VPX API (Project: PIKE's PEAK) will let anyone create custom interfaces, virtual tour skins and port your 360° experiences to customized APPs that run on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS and Android. This will open up huge opportunities for enhancing and improving sales and customer service.

PEW Research on Virtual Reality

Augmented Realty [meets] Virtual Reality

In December, 2004 a study done by PEW Internet showed that Americans watched 2 million virtual tours every day. Just 18 months later, that number grew to 5 million per day. From January to December, 2014 a little over 7.3 million people watched a VPiX tour. As of 1 April 2015, VPiX views average 33,000 per day (700k views a month).

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ITouch Screens and More...

From booking a table at a restaurant, to buying an NFL seat and wanting to see what the view looks like before you buy... to touch-screen kiosks... VPiX is a lot more than just another "me-too," real estate virtual tour company.

VPiX Opens the Door so You Can Land Lots More Customers
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Opportunity is knocking here...

Virtual reality has become a big part of our everyday "Internet of things." Learn how you can sell more, do more and save more with VPiX. Fill out the form and we'll contact you. Or call us at 866-902-3600.

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