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Thinking of opening a virtual tour business of your own? VPiX is the "AMAZON" of the Virtual Tour Business. We were first to launch a virtual tour server appliance in 2009. VPiX was the first to deliver an HTML5 virtual tour experience when Steve Jobs announced the 1st-generation iPad in January, 2010. Eight years later, VPiX is delivering over 1 million views of 360 content for many businesses and Fortune 500 brands.

Why VPiX? $200 Billion Reasons

By 2020, the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) market will be a $200 Billion dollar business.* At VPiX, we designed and built out six (6) different types of AR, VR and MR servers.

CSI:360.net -- is for Crime Scene Reconstruction and Homeland Security walk-throughs of schools, colleges, libraries and public buildings.

MotorStreet360.com -- was the world's first spin-a-car walk-around system that we created in 1999.

VPiX Pro -- is the 360 appliance server that started the "stupid-simple, do-it-yourself," publishing platform for anyone wanting to create their own virtual tour content.

VPiX3D.com -- is our 3D object spinner server appliance. It lets you capture 24 to 36 frames of any object placed on a photo turntable. VPiX 3D stitches your content on the server and lets you add interactive buy buttons and call-out buttons. Soon Amazon, ebay and Etsy will support 3D spin-able objects that can be used in your ownline store.

VPiXVR.com -- is the worlds fastest way to create content for Virtual Reality headsets including Google DayDream VR, Google Cardboard, HTC VIVE and the Oculus Go. There's no apps to build. We don't force customers to create an Apple Store or a Google Play account to deliver your VR headset app. No Unity 3D programming. Just create your panoramas, upload them to the VPiXVR cloud, add the links and click the publish button. It's the fastest way to make VR headset experiences today.

VPiX is camera agnostic. You can use your Insta360 One, the Ricoh Theta and many other "all in one," one-shot 360 cameras. For National Geographic quality 360's, you'll need to know how to shoot with natural light, a Sigma 8mm fisheye and with a 5-frame bracketing range.

VPiX VR for E-Commerce

An Exploding New Market

E-commerce and VR Show Rooms are what’s next. VPiX is trailblazing new ways for your company to capture thousands of more eyeballs and tons more sales. We help you bridge physical shopping with a fun and virtual shopping experience that will help your sales skyrocket.

Powered by VPiX

The New HP Sprout Pro Kiosk

VPiX is an HP OEM. Soon, we will be releasing a new breed of hotel self check-in kiosks. It will let guests see their hotel rooms in 360. It’s also a cash cow for hotels, because the kiosk will let guests book local attractions, shows and restaurants to their hotel room. Learn more. Get a free demo of what the HP Sprout Pro can do for your hotel, cruise ship or Convention and Visitors Bureau.

VPiX 360° Overview Video

Open a VPiX Virtual Reality Office

Virtual Reality is quickly becoming an exciting part of our everyday "Internet of Things." With over 18 years of expertise in this space, no one is more qualified to help you start a successful VR business than VPiX.

VPiX was first to market a suite of 360 AR, VR and MR server appliances that let you create jaw-dropping 360 content without programming skills. If you're passionate about car spin vehicle walkarounds, college 360 tours, hotel marketing, luxury real estate or vacation rental virtual tours -- we have a specialized appliance server that can be white-labelled with your brand.

VPiX licenses with a protected territory are available to well-qualified principals with a successful business and technology background. We offer initial on-site training, white-label branding, re-brandable sales sheets, POGs and marketing materials. Each month, VPiX drives leads to you.

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