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Matterport vs. VPiX

Matterport is a good 3D camera system for many real estate applications. But it's not fast. You can't fully personalize the experience with a custom VR skin. The measurements are not accurate and you can't bring in 2D or 3D floor plans from other products like Autodesk 3DS Max or a 2D / 3D model created from another device like Occipital's 3D Structure Sensor and your iPad Pro.

Matterport won't let you edit a space by deleting a single panorama and inserting a new one. You pay to have the entire project redone including the 3D doll house.

VPiX SaaS is an open and powerful Content Management System (CMS) that lets you edit panoramas anytime you want. Delete one pano. Come back and add one more a month later. There's no extra cost.

Pricing for Matterport seems attractive until you start adding up the numbers. For 100 spaces (home listings) you are charged $49 per listing + $19 per floor plan. Matterport gives you 3 for free. When you total up the annual cost of 100 projects and floor plans you're paying $2,342. With VPiX, it's just $950 per year. That's a savings of over $1,300, which is just $9.50 per project.

VPiX lets you completely customize your listing with your company logo, phone number and links to your website and social media. You can use our new Apple OpenStreet maps theme and add local GPS push pins to local attractions around you.

Highlights of VPiX 360°

  • Works with Canon or Nikon DSLR
  • Works with Ricoh Theta S
  • Works with Insta360 One or Pro
  • Google DayDream VR / Cardboard Compatible
  • Supports Multiple Floor Plans
  • IDX Compliant
  • Create 360’s in minutes. Not days.
  • No programming skills needed.
  • Hip Pocket Listing Module
  • Export finished listings (VPiX 2 GO)
  • iPhone, iPad, Android & Tablet Ready
  • Get FEE-Free leads. Learn how.
VPiX 3D Cameras
3D Camera Kits (Cost)
Monthly/Annual Cost for 100 Listings
$49mo  /  $499yr
$95mo  /  $950yr
$95mo  /  $950yr
Cost per Floor Plan
$19ea  /  $1,843yr
Total Cost of Ownership (1 Year)
Small Broker / Agent Teams 50 Listings / yr
Time on site / 3D capture (4,000 sq ft home)
2 - 3 hours
45 minutes
1 hour
VR Headset (iPhone/Android) with Purchase
Upload 3rd party 2D / 3D plans from Autodesk 3DS Max, SmartDraw, Occipital, etc.
Showcase Listings 360° Link /
Facebook-Friendly. Just copy + paste URL.
Export 3D Tour for Offline Viewing
Password-protected tours for Hip Pocket Listings
Upload custom navigation icons
Upload custom logo / NADIR cap
Create personalized VR themes (skin)
Shopify, PayPal, Moneta Book Now Buttons
Customizable Weblink URL for Each Listing
White Label Option Available
Partial Panos
PDF 360 Tour Brochure
In a recent study published by Coldwell Banker, 84% of home buyers reported seeing a virtual tour generated 403% more inquiries from prospective buyers than agents and brokers that just don't offer one.

75% of the real estate agents surveyed cited the added cost and time of producing a tour was the single largest barrier to buying expensive 360 camera rigs that were complicated and took too long to use.

3D cameras are over-hyped to help hide their complexity on purpose. Hidden costs of 3D map processing are downlayed. Full personalization by the end users is lacking. This results in a higher cost of total ownership, which results to frustration and abandonment.

A 2018 survey of 5,924 homebuyers and REALTOR (Buyers' agents) revealed that 3D maps were impressive. But next-time home buyers were not motivated by looking at furniture the current homeowner had in the 3D floor plan. Homebuyers were more motivated by viewing 360 walk-throughs of homes and preferred 2-dimensional floor plans.

Richard Noon, a luxury REALTOR at Keller Williams Realty in Dallas, said, "Using VPiX has allowed me to sell homes sight unseen."
VPiX Tip:  Fast Measurement APP
Why pay for an AR app or 3D scan with inaccurate measurements? With Tap Measure, you can easily create measurements of any room and generate create crisp looking 2D or 3D floorplans without having a degree in rocket science.

Export your floor plans to SketchUp, then save your finished floor plans to add to any VPiX 3D virtual tour.  Save your money and do it all with Tap Measure, from Occipital.
3D Room Builder
3D Room Builder
3D Room Builder
Bridge Immersive VR

New from Occipital. This is one of the most useful immersive VR tools we've seen. At under $400, you get the Bridge headset and the Occipital 3D Structure Sensor.  VPiX developers can build custom iOS apps that let you explore any space in Real VR.

Our Customer Reviews Say it All

See for yourself what our customers are saying

Thanks to my VPiX tours, I've sold luxury homes sight unseen.
Richard Noon, REALTOR® Keller Williams
People go nuts for our VPiX tours.
Patrick Byrne, General Warren Inn
I've been a VPiX photographer for five years now. Nothing else comes close to matching features and streamlined workflow. Our clients always get WOW factor when viewing their VPiX content.
Jake Garnett, VPiX Rock Star / Trinidad & Tobago
If you're looking for a first-class 360 experience, VPiX is the best option. Their customer service makes you feel like a real human, and not just another transaction.
Jeff Brady, VPiX Rock Star / Texas
VPIX360 does a great job of letting me focus on the area that I know best which is photography. After creating panoramic images, I can easily create virtual tours and make them available immediately. My clients love the results and they can easily view them on just about any device, showing off their business in anywhere in the world.
Ron Pepper, VPiX Rock Star / Photography Instructor

VPiX Plays Well With Others

VPiX and VR Tours plug and play instantly with …

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VPiX 3D virtual tours are nowhere near as complicated and time-consuming as Matterport. Making 3D tours with VPiX is 10X faster. You can use any camera and a 360 rotator or you can use many popular 360 all-in-one cameras like the Insta360 One.

You can make 2D or 3D floorplans with any other software or camera and bring them into your VPiX back office and add them instantly to your 3D virtual tours. There's no having to wait hours or days for the system to do it for you.

There's a lot of copycats out there, but VPiX is the real thing when it comes to building 3D virtual tours quickly, affordably and effortlessly. Ever customer gets trained by a live VPiX account manager from our Denver Colorado office.

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