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Alternative to Matterport

If you're looking for a good alternative to Matterport, 3D Insider ranked VPiX as the #3 choice.

Cameras? With Matterport, you have three choices. (1) Their expensive boxy cameras or (2) the Ricoh Z1 or the (3) Insta360 ONE. With VPiX, you can your Canon, Nikon or Sony DSLR. You can use Insta360, QooCam, Ricoh Theta, Z1 or the Insta360 Pro, Pro II or their new Titan.

HDR Workflow. With Matterport, you can't use bracketing or any kind of HDR work flow post processing. This is why Matterport images can look soft, and have washed out windows.

With VPiX, you can use HDR processing work flows. (The crowd goes Yay!) We have a 2-day Denver VR Bootcamp that teaches you how to use HDR with your DSLR camera, or your Kdandao VR QooCam 8K, or the Insta360 Pro, Pro II or Titan 360 cameras.

Matterport images cannot be sharpened or post-processed before they move over to their platform. You can't create custom themes or remove Matterport's branding. If you're a property manager with more than 200+ listings, be prepared for expensive annual hosting. With VPiX, you can export your entire virtual tour and archive it off-line. No expensive annual hosting fees for hosting sold or inactive tours.

Copyrights are another issue. Matterport reserves the rights on the content you produce, and they can sell them to anyone.

VPiX offers white label branding. Matterport doesn't.

2D or 3D floor plans. One of best tools we've found to scan and build your own 2D floor plans is our partner, They have a floor plan scanning-creator app for iOS or Android. A 2D floor plan with measurements/dimensions is $34.90. As a VPiX customer, you save $6 dollars.


Special pricing on all our real estate virtual tour packages ends soon.

Call us at 866-902-3600 and say GOODBYE COVID-19 and get our hands on training for just $95. That's a $100 savings.

Create up to 25 listings for $33
For Realtors
per month
per year
Annual plan gets (5) 2D floor plans FREE and 2 months, FREE. (While supplies last).
Uses Most 360 Cameras
Just shoot, drag & drop and publish. Wow.
Amazing 2D or 3D Floor Plans
B&W, Color and 3D floor plans available
MLS-Compliant Virtual Tours!
Creates branded tours & MLS compliant tours.
Your Logo, Your Icons.
Add your own logo and custom navigation icons.
VPiX has partnered with Make your own 2D floor plans with accurate measurements.
Choose Subscription
DSLR / 3D Pro Camera Training
Our affordable mini Denver VR Bootcamp will make you a virtual tour Jedi master in just 2 hours.
VPiX Team
2 hours of LIVE training /
Zoom Tele-Conference
LIVE Training on 360 Cameras
We will train you on making virtual tours with your 360 camera
Uses Most 360 Cameras
Just shoot, drag & drop and publish. Wow.
Measurements + 3D Floor Plans
We'll show how to measure your rooms and we'll create the 2D or 3D floor plans for you
MLS Uploads + Facebook Posting
If you're a REALTOR, we'll show you to copy + paste the VPiX 360 Weblink to your local MLS and boost your listing to hungry next-time home buyers on Facebook.
Get trained on making your own real estate virtual tours with a live VPiX Jedi Master. We teach you how, step-by-step over Zoom.
Select Workshop
Supports 2D and 3D Floor Plans
VPiX lets you upload 2D or 3D floor plans from 3rd party products like, SmartPicture 3D, Autodesk 3DS Max, SmartDraw, SmartPicture's PLNAR and hand-rendered floor plans from your own design team.

VPiX has outside, trusted vendors that can create custom 2D and 3D elevated floor plans in as little as 48 hours. To learn more, please contact us.

Our Customer Reviews Say it All

See for yourself what our customers are saying

Thanks to my VPiX tours, I've sold luxury homes sight unseen.
Richard Noon, REALTOR® Keller Williams
People go nuts for our VPiX tours.
Patrick Byrne, General Warren Inn
I've been a VPiX photographer for five years now. Nothing else comes close to matching features and streamlined workflow. Our clients always get WOW factor when viewing their VPiX content.
Jake Garnett, VPiX Rock Star / Trinidad & Tobago
If you're looking for a first-class 360 experience, VPiX is the best option. Their customer service makes you feel like a real human, and not just another transaction.
Jeff Brady, VPiX Rock Star / Texas
VPIX360 does a great job of letting me focus on the area that I know best which is photography. After creating panoramic images, I can easily create virtual tours and make them available immediately. My clients love the results and they can easily view them on just about any device, showing off their business in anywhere in the world.
Ron Pepper, VPiX Rock Star / Photography Instructor

VPiX Plays Well With Others

VPiX and VR Tours plug and play instantly with …

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VPiX 3D virtual tours are nowhere near as complicated and time-consuming as Matterport. Making 3D tours with VPiX is 10X faster. You can use any camera and a 360 rotator or you can use many popular 360 all-in-one cameras like the Insta360 One.

You can make 2D or 3D floorplans with any other software or camera and bring them into your VPiX back office and add them instantly to your 3D virtual tours. There's no having to wait hours or days for the system to do it for you.

VPiX is the only 3D virtual tour software that lets you fully customize everything on your tours. With VPiX, you can upload your own logo, change out any navigation arrow and insert custom content like BUY NOW buttons linked to your own e-commerce products.

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