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Schools / Universities

VPiX technology enables students to walk the halls of their university, explore classrooms they might one day sit in and see all of the features of campus up close and in full detail. Virtual tours and complete mapping open the door for infinite benefits—from being able to plot the fastest course between classes, to finding parking and campus facilities. Students can leave campus maps and informative brochures behind as they pick up their smartphone or tablet for an interactive, engaging VPiX experience.

Night Club & Entertainment 360 Tours


    High School Hendrik Verwoerd

    High School Hendrik Verwoerd is the first high school to use a Virtual Tour to showcase their premises to future pupils, and have successfully gained much praise for being the front runners, in this field of Virtual Advertising in South Africa, thanks to VPIX.

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    GVSU Kindschi Hall of Science

    Step inside Grand Valley State University Kindschi Hall of Science.

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    Indiana University

    Step inside Indiana University. A top public university, Indiana University has campuses statewide and hundreds of thousands of students, faculty, and alumni who improve the world.

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360 Site Security Audits (SSA’s) for Colleges

FACT: VPiX provides professional on-site security teams to accurately measure and produce 3D maps accurate to the milimeter and walk-through 360’s of your entire school, college or university campus.

Learn more. We have 7 offices in the United States with professional 360 photography-security teams we can send to your campus. Learn more by clicking the button below.