VPIX lets hotels and resorts insert the Booking Engine inside the virtual tour.

VPIX Hotel Tours

Booking Engine Ready

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VPIX lets you add a "Book it Now," button to the inside of any hotel or resort tour. It's a proven way to increase your booked reservations, and it's 100% Facebook friendly, too.



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Better than Slide Shows!

78% of travelers tend to book after they watch the video or see the 360° tour. And VPiX provides both services.

100% Mobile Ready

VPiX hotel tours are 100% mobile ready for iPhone and Android users. Just copy the link and paste them into your hotel or resort site.

Increase Bookings with VPiX

44% of travelers respond faster to video and virtual tours. Adding VPiX tours to your hotel or resort means you will start to outsell the competition still using outdated slide shows.

Facebook Friendly 360°

VPiX hotel tours are 100% Facebook friendly. Just copy the link, add a PNG or JPG photo to the post and boost it for $40 bucks. Start reeling in the bookings!

Unique Gyro 360° Features

Hold your iPhone or iPad in front of you. Turn your body, left, right, up or down. As you move, so does the VPiX hotel tour.

Custom Floor Plans & Maps

VPiX lets you add one or multiple floor plans to any hotel tour. You can add animated "touch points" and radar buttons giving guests a fun and interactive walk-through of your entire hotel or resort.

Host on Your Servers

VPiX is the only provider that will let you create, download and host your hotel tours on your own servers. We also provide turn key VPiX white label servers for your entire hotel chain, too.

Custom Tailored Solutions

With over 14 years experience, you can trust VPiX to develop custom websites, software, APPs and web services for your hotel marketing needs. Learn more.