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Create Amazing Interactive Experiences

PiX technology is the preferred 360 interactive platform for many galleries and museums. One notable example is the MINAMATA Gallery, showcasing the powerful work of renowned photojournalist W. Eugene Smith. The Hollywood film "MINAMATA," starring Johnny Depp, brought to light the tragic effects of corporate greed and chemical pollution in Minamata, Japan.

Click the image on the left to take a 360° tour of the MINAMATA Gallery collection.

NEW: Digital or LIVE Avatars

Galleries and museums love VPiX for its ability to capture and stream new exhibits to their customers using a digital avatar or a live curator spokesmodel video.

For example, one of our VPiX-certified producers created a digital curator and guide for a Citibank project, enhancing the interactive experience for viewers.

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Museum & Gallery VR Tours

Transform your museum or gallery with a stunning virtual tour captured by our expert team. Our professional capture teams will come to your location and create a complete walk-through virtual tour of your space. As you update your exhibits with new artwork and 3D sculptures, you can easily swap out the displays on your VPiX studio account.

Our Gallery & Museum 360 Packages include:
  • On-Site Capture: Our VPiX-certified production team will perform an on-site capture of your gallery or museum.
  • Professional HDR Post-Production: We provide professional HDR post-production and seamlessly upload the tour to your VPiX account.
  • ZOOM Success Training: Receive comprehensive training on how to use and manage your VPiX 360 Studio account, ensuring you get the most out of your virtual tours.
  • NEW: Touch-screen ViOSKs. Ask us about our touch screen displays which let you feature prints, paintings and sculptures with 3D object spins on a large interactive kiosk.
Enhance your visitors' experience and showcase your exhibits like never before with VPiX. Schedule a ZOOM demo to learn more.

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