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Learn how to create immersive VR experiences from the people who invented the VR SaaS server appliances.  No Unity 3D coding to learn. No HTML5 programming. The VR market is exploding with job opportunities and according to Goldman Sachs, the market will reach over $200 Billion by the end of 2020.

Learn From VR Professionals
Learn From VR Professionals
Attend classes online by seasoned professionals or at our Denver VR Bootcamp campus.
Build Your 3D Portfolio
Build Your 3D Portfolio
Bring a real project to class and we'll show you how to build it and show it to the world.
Land a Rewarding VR Job
Land a Rewarding VR Job
VPiX is a recognized leader by Entrepreneur Magazine and ranks among the best VR company in America.


Get hands on training with Ricoh, Insta360, Garmin and the best DSLR 360 cameras at our Denver VR Bootcamp.

HDR Workflows
Learn how to use build jaw-dropping HDR panos with crystal clear windows.

Learn Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop, PT GUI Pro and Photomatix Pro.
Pro Camera
The Insta360 Pro delivers 8k panos with built-in camera stitching.  With a 24-foot mast, it's also the perfect alternative to drone 360's in areas where you simply can't fly them.
a VR Project
Bring your dream project to class and we'll help you design it, build it and launch a prototype that you can take with you.


Our instructors are professionals from Eastman Kodak, Apple Computer and magazine/newspaper publishers. Our Master Class workshops are designed to help you learn and go out and earn.

Ron Pepper
Ron Pepper
Panorama Network

Founder of the Panorama Network, a gifted DSLR 360 photographer and an HDR workflow and DSLR camera instructor at

Bart Wilson
Bart Wilson
CMO, VPiX Founder

Once you understand how to make 3D content... you get hungry for learning how to run a VR business.

Jon Eady
Jon Eady
VPiX Director of Photography

I enjoy teaching HDR and watching people get excited about producing crisp panoramas without blown own windows.


We teach companies how to plan, design and build simple to complecated AR, MR and VR projects from start to finish.  You'll work with Canon and nikon professional DSLR rigs, including the latest HD 3D cameras like the Insta360 Pro and many others.

VR Project Planning
VR Project Planning
We teach you how to plan simple and complicated AR, MR and VR projects. This is the process to follow to help you avoid budget snafu's, angry clients and train wrecks.
Budgeting and Resource Planning
Budgeting and Resource Planning
Once you've designed your project, now you need to know what tools and what engineering teams are need to build it out for the wireframe, the BETA prototype and deliver the final project.
Practical Uses for VR in the Workplace
Practical Uses for VR in the Workplace
From Automobiles, ad agencies, businesses, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, real estate and VRBO's... the world is a hungry place and waiting for you to build out amazing VR content.  (Lecture and note taking class, with Q & A).


The best way to learn VR quickly is to take an idea or a VR market segment that you're already passionate about and then we help you build it.

Our 3-day Denver VR workshop is an accelerated and comprehensive class on how to use the DSLR 360 camera and the Insta360 Professional cameras.

Our 5-day workshop gets you one-on-one time with a VPiX UX / UI instructor and helps bring your VR project to life.  If your project needs a little more time to complete, please ask about our VPiX On-Site temporary staffing program.

Case Study:  LIVE Nation

LIVE Nation is an American entertainment company formed from the merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation in 2010.  They own or lease booking rights for many concerts and venues inlucing House of Blues (HOB).  Live Nation needed VPiX RockStar 3D photographers to capture, produce and deliver immersive experiences of their HOB venues.

What They Did

LIVE Nation hired a VPiX-trained rockstar photography team in Los Angeles to travel to all of their national House of Blues (HOB) accounts. Using Nikon and Canon high resolution DSLR cameras the team captured RAW images and produced the interactive experiences allowing thousands of HOB fans to step into any HOB venue and look around.  Take a look at the work produced below, courtesy of VPiX rockstar, Virtual Marketing 360.

Oculus Go Live Nation

Work Flow

On-Site 3D Capture

Professional 3D photography teams are sent to each House of Blues (HOB) venue with DSLR Nikon cameras, 8mm lenses and precision rotators to capture bracketed sets of raw panoramas.

Post Processing

Producing the panoramic images follows a VPiX HDR workflow and insider secrets that delivers nothing but breathtaking results when users step inside the picture and explore their favorite HOB venue.

User Flow

We analyzed the user flows on both the passenger and driver side, and identified the pain points, opportunities, and possible solutions.


All 3-day and 5-day workshops require a 50% deposit to hold your instructor(s) and are paid for via company check, bank wire or credit card. Workshop balance are required to be paid 3 days before class begins. One day, on-line VR workshops are paid in full typically via credit card 3-days befor the workshop begins.

What You Need for the One-Day Workshops:

  • A Mac or PC with Chrome browser, a good connection to the internet for computer audio and screen sharing.
  • A notepad and pen or pencil.
  • Your DSLR camera or one-shot 360 3D camera and an SD card.

What You Need for the Denver 3-Day/5-Day Bootcamps:

  • A reliable Mac or PC laptop
  • Your DSLR 360 Nikon, Canon or 3D One-Shot Camera
  • Bring comforable cloths. Jeans, sneakers, long sleeve shirt and a light jacket. It gets a little cold at night here.

Sales / Terms & Cancellation Policy

  • One day workshops are not cancellable if made within 24 hours before the class begins. Credit can be made if you must change your date and change is made within 3 business days of scheduled training date.
  • Denver Bootcamp refunds must be made at least 7 days before class begins. Rescheduling of any Denver Bootcamp (with full credit) for another date if student reschedules the class within 7 business days.
Students must be fluent in English and be familiar with photography and VR terminology. Prerequisite Skills Required:  Intermediate to advanced skills using a Mac or PC including understanding of Adobe Photoshop.

Enrollment Criteria

  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • Minimum of 3 credits in any 'O' level subjects (or equivalent), including English Language.
Inssta360 VPiX Elevated Mast VR Tour Workshop

INSTA360 PRO / Elevated Mast VR Tour Workshop

the denver vr bootcamps

  • Learn to produce VR
  • Hands-On with Insta360 pro
  • Oculus GO / Quest
  • Elevated mast 360 tours

Insta360 + VPiX On-Line Courses

Insta360 Pro + VPiX
Total Cost
Course Description
Mac or PC, and an Insta360 Pro or Insta360 One X camera
This is a 2-hours hands on mini workshop for customers needing a quick overview of Insta360 One X or Pro and the VPiX SaaS platform.

3-Day Workshop (Dates)

JUNE 19 - 21
Wed - Fri
Per student
36 hours / 3 day workshop